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The “huge” iPhone 8 will be here soon, is it really worth $1000?

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The much anticipated iPhone 8 will be rolled out sometime this fall.

Apple has not yet confirmed an exact release date, but the company is filling orders at an incredible rate.

A big problem facing the company in regards to the launch of the product is the endless amount of leaks that have revealed various aspects of the product.

The general and other technical information have been broadcasted to the internet for months, someone at the company is sharing invaluable information with the media, and the inquiring public.

One such detail that is getting mixed reviews is the size of the phone, and there is some concern about the price of the phone.

According to reports, the iPhone 8 screen will be even larger than the iPhone 7’s 5.5 inch interface. .

The Samsung Galaxy Note phones proved that people like large phones, but somehow, it’s disappointing that Apple is slowly moving away from the small/convenient nature of the company’s communication products.

Oh that’s right, they are not.

From Youtube

The iPhone 8 will be smaller than the 7, only the screen will be bigger, which is a sensational demonstration of innovative brilliance.

The device itself looks amazing, but is it worth that insane ($1000) price tag?

Time will tell



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