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The Nintendo “Classic Edition” will be a popular item during Christmas season


From Twitter
From Twitter

Nintendo has launched a minaturized version of classic 8 bit system that revolutionized video gaming in the late 80’s.

Taking all of the elements that made the console a smash hit, Nintendo has amplified the system, and  includes 30 classic games.

From Nintendo
From Nintendo

It all comes in one very small package with a controller to boot.

The system is lightweight, slightly bigger than your hand, and all it requires is an HDMI cable to hook into you TV.

It’s roughly the size of a cell phone.

Nintendo Clasic edition is powered by a USB cable, which gives gives the application infinite capabilities.

The browser within the system was compared to Netflix by CNN money.

The system’s price tag is set at a reasonable $60!

Nintendo will most likely offer upgrades, they have too, so that one day, every game that ever appeared on the platform will be avaible to the customer.

This is an awesome idea, the convenience of the application along with the size will make it one heck of a Christmas gift next month.

From Cnet
From Cnet

The system launched on November 11th, I would imagine the item will be difficult to find during Christmas season.

If you have a partner, family member, child, or friend, who would enjoy such gift, grab the console  now.

While you still can.




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