From Microsoft

The X-Box Scorpio will be the must have item of 2017

From Microsoft

Microsoft is on the verge of releasing the newest version of the Xbox.

It actually will be a revamped version of the Xbox One.

The move is long anticipated, the computer company made a tremendous splash with the Xbox, and the Xbox 360.

The Xbox One was a game changer.

But then all was quiet, and the time has come for company take the next step.

While they have not created an entirely new console, they have added serious firepower to the original design to that the point that it FEELS like a new console.

From Microsoft 

The console will be a high-end model with upgraded hardware that Microsoft claimed would make it the “most powerful console ever”; it will feature an eight-core AMD APU with 320 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth, a 3-fold increase, and 6 teraflops of graphical computing performance, a 4-fold increase.

The hardware is meant to support 4K gameplay, as well as virtual reality. Xbox division head Phil Spencer stated that Scorpio was designed as a response to the growth of 4K gaming and VR in the high-end personal computer market, and that existing Xbox One games will experience performance improvements

The upgrade is still in the development stage, but Microsoft believes it will be ready by holiday season 2017 according to reports.

There is no word on pricing, but saving a good $400 in the piggy bank might be a good idea.

From Microsoft

Tastie Fish will keep you updated on the release of this “next generation” console, and the pricing.



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