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Uber’s battle with California over self driving cars could end up costing lives

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The national debate over the regulation of self driving cars continues.

The innovation is visionary, but the application is much more complicated.

When human life is at risk, there always will be questions, and obstacles.

Google announced last week that they are close to finalizing self driven cars that can be purchased by the American consumer.

While the car is not totally road ready as of yet, the announcement raised general concern about safety.

While all of that was going on, the battle over the self driven car was in a much more advanced stage not that far from where Google operates.

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Uber says it won’t comply with a California Department of Motor Vehicles demand that it get a permit to test its self-driving cars in San Francisco.

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The DMV on Wednesday sent the company a cease-and-desist letter saying it must stop its self-driving car tests in the state. The California Attorney General has said it will “seek injunctive and other appropriate relief” if Uber does not comply.

But on Friday Uber revved its engines, saying it would continue testing despite the DMV’s stance. The California Attorney General has threatened an injunction if Uber does not comply.

This problem will repeat itself over and over again all over the country.

No person, or robot, should be given the keys to a car unless they are qualified to drive it.

The DMV seeking permit testing is a matter of public safety, and Uber is accepting massive liability by defying the wishes of the state government.

If someone gets hurt, if something happens, it falls upon Uber.

As of now, the operation of these machines without state specific testing is illegal, and it does not help that there already was a problem with one of these cars in San Francisco.

If Uber truly wants to roll the dice with human life, they better be ready to accept the consequences.



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