Will “Direct TV Now” put Netflix and Comcast out of business?

From Wikimedia
From Wikimedia

AT&T continues to inflict chaos upon the business establishment.

Weeks after purchasing Time Warner, the telecommunications behemouth launched Direct TV Now, a streamable television service that will cause tremors around the industry.

The new service will also present a major threat to cable companies, because who needs the BS of Comcast when you can purchase a far greater service at $35 a month.

The features of the innnovation are appealing, that’s for sure.

From the Hollywood Reporter 

AT&T on Monday afternoon unveiled pricing and bundling details of its much-anticipated DirecTV Now streaming video service, which launches Wednesday for as little as $35 per month,

RBC Capital Markets analyst Steven Cahall in a report asked if the streaming service was “good for media?” DirecTV has unveiled “a potentially great product with Now, in our view, that leverages having some of the best programming costs in the business due to scale, as we think DirecTV’s programming costs are some 20 percent-30 percent below the industry average,” he said. “This may force competitor products to come down to DirecTV’s price point even if their wholesale costs are much higher.”

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

This would not only be good news for consumers, but will “as a result likely mitigate pay TV sub erosion.

AT&T swings a mighty big stick.

In one month, they bought most of the entertainment industry, and then a short time later, they revolutionzed how entertainment is delivered.

I want everyone to consider all of the programing AT&T has at it’s disposal.

Disney which owns everything, from Star Wars and ESPN to Marvel.

Turner, who was part of the Time Warner package, that includes TNT, TBS, and many other cable properties.

NBC, which owns the massive amounts of televison along with the Olympics and the NFL.

HBO and all of those wonderful projects underway at the network.

From AT&T
From AT&T

Fox, which owns an infinite amount of programing popular among Americans, they also own the World Cup.

The terrestrial networks, and smaller cable networks were already a component of the Direct TV package, so they go without saying.

The list goes on and on.

Netflix became popular because cable bills were skyrocketing, and American consumers naturally were drawn to an alternative option.

This is a game changer.

From Wiki
From Wiki

Why opt for Netflix when you can have a service that requires no equipment, a highly reasonable fee, and superior programming to any streamable option out there?

This is a mastestroke by AT&T, those who were curious about the the true motive for purchasing Time Warner have a resounding answer.

The Comcast coporation meanwhile is under pressure, AT&T is getting to the point that American might not need threComcast Cable Service  for too much longer.



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