Arnold Schwarzenegger’s epic twitter take down of Donald Trump over ratings beef was perfect

From Twitter

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new host of NBC’s apprentice.

He made his debut a couple weeks ago, and while the ratings have not set the world on the fire, the program is drawing enough viewers to justify the move to bring Arnold on board.

President Elect Trump, the former host of the program, took to twitter(as usual) to voice his displeasure with the initial ratings posted last week.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger debut engendered 4.9 million views per a market share, in comparison, President Elect Trump drew 18.5 million views per a market share when his show originally premiered in 2004.

Trump’s incredible ratings did not last, the show steadily declined, and approached the numbers that Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled in on his first night.

It’s incongruent for Trump to both trash a show he currently is producing, and blast Arnold Schwarzenegger for pulling in essentially the same ratings he did towards the end of his run as host.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tweet was perfect, an appropriate response to a lack of civility.

As for President Elect Trump?

From Wiki

The Presidency is not a man, it’s an office, and Trump is breaking with centuries of tradition, his personal attacks on citizens in this country give him the appearance of an autocrat.

Any chance of a second term will be gone by year two if he does not grow up.



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