Breaking: Bill O’Reilly has been fired from Fox News

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Sources are indicating that conservative television personality Bill O’Reilly has been fired from Fox News after serving as it’s most successful primetime host for over 20 years.

Monday’s edition of the O’Reilly factor has been canceled.

O’Reilly has been exited because of the swirling allegations that he sexually harassed a number of women within the Fox News team.

Some are reporting the network and O’Reilly agreed to mutually part ways, but that hardly passes the smell test.

O’Reilly lives for his television program, he would not give that up unless he had too.

The New York Times had reported O’Reilly has settled several different sexual harassment related lawsuits to the tune of $13 million dollars over a 10 year period, and shortly after that report, Wendy Walsh announced that she has been a victim of O’Reilly’s advances as well, and called for an independent investigation into O’Reilly.

That investigation is already in motion, an outsourced law firm had been conducting interviews, and reviewing files.

Their investigation must be bearing fruit, because barely a week into the investigation the network canned it’s most popular host, even as his ratings were surging.

The reason for this is two fold.

  1. His behavior is reprehensible and disgusting, he should be in jail for what he allegedly did to the concerned parties. A powerful man wielding his influence to seduce ambitious women
  2. Advertisers were flying south with the geese, over 34 companies pulled ads from the O’Reilly Factor, the revolt threatened to spread to other areas of Fox News. Companies were not only boycotting O’Reilly, they were boycotting Fox News for standing by him


What will happen now?

O’Reilly will be out of work for awhile, he might be finished.

What television network would want to bring a man like this into the newsroom?

He is super toxic right now to advertisers,  any audience that he brings with him is irrelevant

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What women will feel comfortable working with him?

Men like O’Reilly do not change their stripes overnight.

Without serious counseling, O’Reilly will go right back to targeting the women he works with.

Bill O’Reilly being fired was good for professionalism in this country.

No matter who you are, not matter how high your ratings are, if you act like a predator around women, you should be fired.

That’s it, end of story.




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