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CNN’s Ana Navarro was way of line tweeting about dementia

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In the backlash against President Trump approach to race relations, often people can get caught up in the moment, and produce statements that could be deemed inappropriate.

The President has that type of effect on many people, journalists included.


CNN’s Ana Navarro crossed the line with her tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

The tweet was rock solid until Navarro ventured off the reservation, and took the conversation to a very sensitive place.

Dementia is a serious problem in this country, and it certainly is not a concept that should be used to illustrate a political point.

This is bigger than Trump, Americans should be able to disagree without invoking a disease that changes millions of lives on a yearly basis.

Navarro’s heart is in the right place, but her words were terrible.

We cannot demand decency from others, and not be decent ourselves.

Ana Navarro should apologize



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