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Dave Chapelle’s use of the N-word on SNL was surprising

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Last week this website previewed the exciting debut of Dave Chapelle on Saturday night live.

The legendary comedian, actor, and writer, would be making his first network appearance in years, and becaue many of his fans were disappointed when he stepped away from the stage, this promised to be a must see event.

Especially if you consider the election of Donald Trump, and Chappelle’s brand of comedy.

His performance on SNL was entertaining not his best, but it was his use of the N-word that I found most puzzling.

Along with previewing the performance, I also wrote that the show would be low on the n-word as oppose to the type of dialogue you would see on the original Chappelle show.

I  made this assumption because NBC is the company in charge of the content, not Comedy Central.

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From Wiki

Two different levels of broadcasting, NBC owns major league properties, television, radio, print, the organization is a worldwide behemoth.

When it comes to the terrestrial television, especially at a network like NBC, you don’t expect to  be exposed to certain things.

4 letter words, full frontal nudity, serious violence, there is certain components of culture that don’t belong.

That’s why we have a ratings system.

The N word is one of these taboo items we are discussing, or at least it was last time I checked.

I am a huge fan of Dave Chappele, and the story he is telling, and the way he is telling it is hysterical, but it has no place on network television.

Saying the word that openly in a public forum will encourage others to do the same thing.

It’s difficult to believe NBC was unaware of what Dave was going to say before he took the stage.

Exercising some control over the content would have made a difference.



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