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Dear Billy Bush, your lame excuse for that horrible tape is falling on deaf ears

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Billy Bush etched his name in infamy lastĀ autumn when a horrid tape of President Trump and Billy Bush discussing women in the most disrespectful of ways hit the internet.

The submission rocked the Presidential campaign, and halted Bush’s career at NBC.

For those that actually want to take a stroll down memory lane, here is the tape.

The tape was the living embodiment of misogny, and gender inequality.

The voices on the tape are those of pigs, cavemen, individuals that don’t love or respect women.

Billy Bush can be heard laughing on the tape, he endorsed and enabled Trump on the audio.

The President’s behavior was awful, but Bush’s was nothing to be proud of.

In his apology, Bush appeared sorry for his actions, but he did not distance himself from the President, he bowed down to the national cult of Trump supporters.

Bush emerged from his cave this weekend to address the tape, and his embarrassing inaction on the audio, and once the tape was released.

Bush is attempting to distance himself from President Trump in every way possible as he attempts to jumpstart his career.

From the Hollywood Reporter

Looking back upon what was said on that bus, I wish I had changed the topic. [Trump] liked TV and competition. I could’ve said, ‘Can you believe the ratings on whatever?’ But I didn’t have the strength of character to do it.

My [then] 15-year-old, Mary, called me from boarding school, and she was in tears: “Dad, Dad, Dad,” and I said, “Everything is going to be fine, Mary. Everything’s going to be OK.” It’s just instinctively what you say to your daughter. And she said, “No, why were you laughing at the things that he was saying on that bus, Dad? They weren’t funny.” It hit really hard, and I stopped for a second, and I said, “I have no answer for that that’s any good. I am really sorry.”

The description of how Bush handled this disaster with his daughters is riveting, he was held accountable by the women he is charged with raising, and this was after he was fired from NBC and raked over the public relations coals.

Billy Bush has been made to atone for the tape, but his refusal to stand up on the top of a building and distance himself from the President makes all of this difficult to digest.

To speak now, to judge the President now, when he is on the ropes politically, seems like the move of a weasel.

Only when talk of impeachment proceedings against the President were floated by politicians and observers did Bush find the “strength of character” to stand up for his daughters, his wife, and all the woman in America.

This is lame, weak, and totally fraudulent.

This seems like a pitch to get back into television, such statements would have carried much more weight in October.





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