Fox News has a moral obligation to fire Bill O’Reilly

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Bill O’Reilly is currently enjoying a 6 week vacation that he claims was planned months ago as the controversy over his sexual advances upon women hangs over Fox News like a pulsating storm cloud.

First was the New York Times report that detailed the different sexual harassment lawsuits he has settled over a 10 year period while working at Fox News as it’s most popular television Host.

Women often cited O’Reilly as a predator that used his clout at Fox News to intimidate and seduce female colleagues.

Because his power as the star of the network, many women feared retaliation if they refused his advances.

Shortly after the times story, former Fox News contributor Wendy Walsh held a news conference, and detailed her illicit interactions with Bill O’Reilly, an account that was consistent with the testimony of the other women who have been victimized by the Fox News Host.

Despite the mountain of circumstantial evidence, Fox News elected to stand by O’Reilly, including inking the New York City native to a lucrative long term extension.

Both decisions caused chaos within the staff at Fox News, a high percentage of women within the company were absolutely disgusted with the decision.

They were not alone, in the subsequent 10 days, Sponsors bolted the O’Reilly Show like it was going out of style.

34 in all, and that number could climb after Fox announced it has commissioned an independent law firm to investigate O’Reilly’s conduct at Fox News.

Bill O’Reilly has become toxic, his nefarious influence has already cost the network millions of dollars, and the fact that his ratings have increased is irrelevant because most national advertisers want nothing to do with the television host at this point.

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He used his power to sexually intimidate women, and that might be the least of it.

If he would drag his own wife down the stairs by her hair, who knows what the heck he would do to women he is attempting to sleep with.

O’Reilly has to go, Fox News has waited far to long to part ways with him.

There is no upside to keeping him on board, his mere presence is affront to women and professionalism, Fox News is already under the microscope for gender equality related issues, as well as numerous other accounts of women being harassed.

The questions about the moral compass of the company will not subside until O’Reilly is removed from the company.

Rupert Murdock, and his two sons seem to leaning towards the sensible decision, and that is to remove the cable host before his vacation comes to a close.

Corporate culture is important, and Fox News won’t have much of one the longer this drags out.



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