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Seven advertisers dump Sean Hannity over his Seth Rich conspiracy theory

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With the departure of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity became the biggest star at Fox News.

Love him or hate him, the television host generates ratings, and is a consistent counter balance to left wing of the national press core.

As President Trump, and his associates take it on the political chin, the scramble to support him has led the right wing media to make less than credible decisions in the interest of ratings.

Sean Hannity’s peddling of a baseless conspiracy theory involving the murder of a DNC staffer is a prime example.

Seth Rich was murdered in a robbery according to the police in Washington DC, his work as DNC staffer has not yet been tied to his murder in anyway shape or form.

There is no evidence that suggests his work for the DNC, and his murder, are linked.

None, zero.

But Sean Hannity still proceeded to float the theory that Mr. Rich was murdered for leaking thousands of emails to WikiLeaks.

The implication is that someone on the left wing had him whacked for the disclosure.

Sean Hannity still went about promoting this theory on national television, and doubling down for a week straight.

Even as his colleagues, executives, and the victim’s family asked him to stop running the theory on his show.

Mr. Rich’s parents even published an editorial in the Washington Post pleading with Mr. Hannity to please refrain from promoting conspiracies surrounding the death of their son.

The piece published by the parents hit home with people all over the world, it was so sad that a grieving family had to put up such a lack of decency.

Fox finally intervenes, and asks Hannity internally to stop pushing the story, it had gotten so ugly that employees within the company were becoming disgruntled that Hannity would not let it go.

It was an embarrassment to Fox, but Hannity seems to believe that he somehow is separate from Fox despite his multi million dollar contract with the company.

Hannity’s madness did not stop there, he goes on his radio show, and tells consumers  “I am not Fox.Com, or Fox News”, that “he didn’t retract anything”.

The sequence of events was unsettling most decent Americans, and the advertisers that underwrite Hannity’s program responded.

Seven have jumped ship already, including

Hannity is losing bottom line dollars for both his show, and the entire network.

At this rate, he will become more trouble than he is worth, just like Bill O’Reilly did.

It was irresponsible enough that Hannity floated the theory for days on in, but when the family requested that unless he has evidence, he stand down, that should have been the end of it.

But Hannity, in a desperate attempt to distract his viewers from the political scandal of the century, went for the jugular, and disrespected the victim,  grieving family, and the orders of his superiors.

This does not rise to the level of the sexual harassment claims that were levied against some other employees at Fox News, this is a different animal.

This makes Sean Hannity look vindictive, unethical, and certainly unworthy of promoting name brand companies.

No way any company that appeals to families will want anything to do with Hannity after this, and the pressure to fire Hannity is already starting to mount.

He has classified this as a witch hunt, which is a complete lack of accountability, playing the victim is for children.

Nobody told him to speculate about the murder of another human being with zero evidence to back up his claims.

That was his decision.

Now advertisers should collectively make the decision to hit Hannity where it hurts.

His wallet.



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