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Has Fox News become state run television?

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Fox News has become a monster division of 20th Century Fox.

Love them, hate them, Fox News eats on a daily basis.

Ratings, Revenue, the company does very well.

Nobody is questioning the commercial viability of the product.

People are going to tune in, some seek to watch a car wreck, others depend heavily on the integrity of the reporting.

There is concern afoot that Fox News has transitioned from being a conservative television station to a shameless  mouth piece for the Trump administration.

Yesterday was a terrifying example of the connection between the President, and Fox News.

On the Monday morning edition of “Fox and Friends”, the newsroom produced a segment that cited a report by the Hill that James Comey leaked top secret information within the memos he¬†disseminated to the media.

This report would later be refuted by those close to Comey, but this report took on added significance because of some tweets produced by the President of the United States

Fox News would then issue an on air correction this morning, but only after they allowed Kellyanne Conway to rant about the story Monday morning.

This has become a reoccurring pattern, Fox News has provided has echoed the sentiments of the President before and after he tweets, it feels like both parties share a newsroom.

Fox News has provided deceptive woefully unbalanced coverage as the Trump administration has totally fumbled the first 6 months of the Presidency.

The investigation into Russian meddling is not fake news, it’s not a fake story, there is no reason to continually bash and discredit career law enforcement officers that have a proven track record of keeping it straight with America.

Fox News has made the decision to support President Trump no matter what he does, and discredit anyone that is a threat.

Conversely, Trump lauds Fox News as the most credible news organization on the scene, and uses that opinion to justify giving the majority of his live interview with the network.

Look at the work being done by the New York Times.

That is supreme investigative journalism, when is the last time Fox News produced anything even close to that?

The Wall Street journal, The Washington Post, the Hill, Fox News does not produce meaningful sourced reporting.

CNN is a television network, but they continually publish elite level investigative reports.

Fox News is not comprised of reporters, they are mostly television personalities, there is a big difference.

A functional democracy requires tough journalism, and tis President wants a by golly gosh tale as he denigrates women, defaults on his entire legislative agenda, and seeks to create cyber partnerships with the Russian Federation.

From Twitter

Fox News has completely punted on journalistic integrity, the network is chalk full of talented personalities, and this editorial decision does not apply to everyone.

Chris Wallace keeps it real, he calls a spade a spade when the time comes for it,  but by and large the network has become a televised cheerleading squad.

No different than the state run media we see in North Korea, Russia.

China has state run media, but there is independent publications but that can look beyond party politics.

The emergence of Donald Trump Jr’s emails, proving that he intended to collude with the Russian federation, is an unmitigated disaster for the Trump administration.

The latest controversy proves the administration lied to the American public on numerous occasions, and attacked the media for attempting to uncover it.

The plot will thicken now, and it’s doubtful Fox News will present the story for what it is, they will be more concerned about appeasing the President, and appealing to his base, because that is the group of people that drive the monster ratings.




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