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Kathy Gifford alleges that a hollywood producer fondled himself in front of her

From Twitter

Kathy Lee Gifford shut down the Today Show this morning when she revealed that an unnamed hollywood producer masterbated in front of her during a meeting, and that she was too afraid to share the story until now.

Gifford did not reveal the name the alleged offender, but she certainly raised questions about who it is.

Gifford’s revelation comes amid the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein sexual scandal that has rocked Hollywood to it’s core.

Gifford did not expand further on the story, only that she was afraid to come forward because she was just starting out in her career.

Gifford’s story seems to be a common tale, there is a large amount of women in the entertainment industry that seemingly have tolerated sexual assault out of fear that not doing so could have an adverse effect on their career.

Meanwhile, which Hollywood producer is Gifford referring too?



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