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Leaked: Steve Harvey’s memo to his talk show staff is despicable

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Steve Harvey is one of the more stunning success stories in America.

A talk show host, comedian, author, actor, and visionary, the man is an empire.

But his shortcomings in his personal life, and the odd nature of his behavior at times will be a part of his legacy.

Earlier this week, a memo that Harvey had directed to his staff was leaked presumably by a disgruntled worker, and the internet exploded.

The memo is so vindictive, detestable arrogance, it exposes Harvey on many levels.

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He is loves himself very much, and has little to zero respect for his coworkers who assist him in propping up this funny uncle image he has with the public.

Harvey attempted to defend his actions with the lame excuse that he “needed more time to eat lunch without someone walking in”.

Television personalities are a different breed, and Harvey has clearly embraced his public profile, but there is a way to treat people, specifically the people that support you everyday.




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