Megyn Kelly is a boss, but did she make a mistake leaving Fox News for NBC?

From VolTV

Primetime television was rocked yesterday by the revelation that the highly respected Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was defecting from the conservative terresterial network to a direct competitor in NBC Universial

The two organizations could not be more different, NBC News is much more liberal, and much more respected.

The NBC brand is gold when it comes to news, Kelly has reached the peak of her profession, and will be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of her life.

Fox News was the subject of an internal sexual misconduct scandal that evidently involved multiple women, not to mention, Kelly was forced to play second fiddle to popular television host Bill O’Reilly.

Kelly took the opportunity to maximize her situation, with her contract up in July, hermarket value has skyrocketed in recent months.

Kelly was one of the stars of the election new cycle this past year, her unflinching coverage of the election was both objective and provovactive, she played it straight down the middle on a conservative network, and won the respect of millions in the process.

Kelly is brilliant, beautiful, and couragous, a future voice of America no doubt about it.

From Twitter

But she might have made a mistake here.

Fox News offered her a $20 million dollar contract!

That’s above market value, not many anchors are worth that much cash, that’s more money than half the NFL makes.

Not to mention, she was a star on Fox, a reasonable voice within the craziness of Hannity, and Morning Joe etc.

Kelly had a primetime slot, and was featured during the political conventions.

The NBC deal does not seem to have the same exposure, and rumor is she is taking less money.

She is going to do a daytime program, which sounds nice on the surface but ratings are hard to come by.

Most of America is working, and it seems like Kelly’s star power would be wasted in such a time slot.

She also will get a time slot on Sunday, but Kelly belongs in the primetime on a nightly basis, NBC opting to forgo that option is strange.

CNN would have made sense, and be the perfect place for Kelly to land, they have a wealth of programming options, and few of them would involve daytime television.

In the end, Kelly has moved beyond the shadow of Fox News, and this new contract could be a bridge to more featured programming, but it seems like Kelly did not receieve full value for her services.

Perhaps she should have taken the $20 million.




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