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Peyton Manning roasted Kevin Durant at the ESPY’s, and Durant was heated

From Youtube

Peyton Manning has always had an underrated sense of humor.

In large measure, his ability to make people laugh is what made him one of the most heavily endorsed athletes of all time.

Manning has hosted Saturday Night live, he is not an average football player by any means.

Manning is brilliant academically, and much more astute than his aw shucks demeanor would suggest.

So when cooked Kevin Durant at the ESPY’s tonight, the only person who seemed to be surprised was Kevin Durant.

Manning’s joke is simple.

Kevin Durant abandoned the team that drafted him for a basketball team that had won 73 regular season games without him, he left a team that was up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, and joined the team that the Thunder hated the most.

It was a bandwagon move, and removed from Jordan/Lebron/Magic discussion.

Many saw Durant’s move as weak, cherry picking, backing down from the challenge of Lebron James.

That is exactly what Manning is implying here, and the look on Durant’s face was worth a billion bucks.

He may be an NBA champion, he is clearly the second best basketball player in the world, but he will never get full credit for his championships because it seems he did not truly want to pursue greatness.

Durant better get used to it, Manning’s jab is the just the beginning.




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