Report: Bill O’Reilly has settled FIVE sexual harassment lawsuits in less than 10 years

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A bombshell report in the nationally respected New York Times indicates that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has settled five sexual harassment lawsuits in less than 5 years.

2 more women has also spoken to the Times about his inappropriate behavior.

The lawsuits were settled by either O’Reilly himself, Fox News, or 21st century Fox, and when confronted with the report, the media company opted to stick by the embattled television host.

“An investigation by The New York Times has found a total of five women who have received payouts from either Mr. O’Reilly or the company in exchange for agreeing to not pursue litigation or speak about their accusations against him. The agreements totaled about $13 million”.

The New York Times, over the course of their investigation, also learned that “As an influential figure in the newsroom, Mr. O’Reilly would create a bond with some women by offering advice and promising to help them professionally. He then would pursue sexual relationships with them, causing some to fear that if they rebuffed him, their careers would stall.”

Much of this report seems to fall under the non disclosure agreements that Fox worked out with the victims, so there is a bit of ethical soup here.

But the bottom line speaks loudest.

Bill O’Reilly is a documented sexual predator, and he preys on women who are attempting to advance their careers.

O’Reilly has had a troubled history with women, even dragging his own wife down the stairs by her hair in front of the child, a situation that was detailed in a court filing as the former couple sparred over custody of their child.

O’Reilly, and his program the “O’Reilly Factor” are among the most valuable properties in cable television, so much so, that Fox is willing to risk it’s integrity to protect him.

Bill O’Reilly is a gifted orator, and a fantastic historian, but that does not absolve him of his dangerous and misogynistic behavior.

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It’s a flat out disgrace that he has been allowed to maintain his position of power, even as he uses it to harass and terrify his female colleagues into responding to his advances.

Fox has been a cesspool of unprofessional sexual advances, and until they take a stand against workplace harassment, this stigma is going to stick to the company like a cheap suit.

O’Reilly reacted to the report by calling himself a target, which further advances that notion that he is a sexist pig.

It’s unbelievable that he is taking the position of the victim, the arrogance on display is almost breathtaking.



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