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Review: “The Spoils Of War” was the best GOT episode in years

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Game of Thrones is rightfully one of the most celebrated television events of all time.

Last night, the forth episode of the seventh season, titled “The Spoils of War” reminded all of us why this show will finish as perhaps the greatest run of network cable programming we have ever seen.

Better than the Sopranos, Walking Dead, you name it.

The seventh season of Game of Thrones had been slowly building momentum, putting the pieces in place, positioning the different factions for the war of a generation.

The seventh season went into the stratosphere last night.

The war for the Iron Throne had begun in the second episode “Stormborn”, but things didn’t get real until the Daenerys Targaryen got pissed off, blew off the horrible advice of her pacifist advisors, and laid waste to the Lannister Army during one of the most satisfying battle scenes I have ever seen, and that includes Star Wars.

Daenerys Targaryen is a bad ass, and she lived up to her reputation by ambushing Jamie Lannister, Bronn, and a totally shocked group of fighters.

The scene of the Dothraki flying across the landscape, with Drogo flying above them is the stuff of nightmares, that would shake up United States military, let along a gloating garrison of Lannisters that had never seen the type of warfare that descended upon them.

Fire, blood, terror, at no point did I feel sorry for the men that were burned alive, watching the Lannisters rule Westeros for close to 6 years has driven me to the bring of insanity, the world wants to watch them all burned by Dragons, and the showrunners gave the world what it has been waiting to see, and then some.

Jamie Lannister meanwhile redeemed himself in battle, his ridiculous attempt on the Dragon Queen’s life came very close to being among the memorable scenes in HBO history.

It still was in many respects.

On top of that, it was a cliff hanger, we don’t know if Jamie is alive, which was the only flaw in the episode.

He fell into a pond that looked to be about four feet deep, but somehow plunged 95 feet into the darkness, weighed down by his armor.

While it was awesome to watch the Queen’s army put her foot down in Westeros, you could not help, but cheer for Jaime and Bronn during the battle.

That’s the brilliance of this show, there is heros on both sides.

The battle resulted in a massacre, but did not prevent the Lannisters from moving enough gold back to King’s Landing to settle their debts.

But all is not well, the Iron Bank invests in winners, and while they appreciate the settlement of the debt, that is not going to force them to invest in a losing side.

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After watching what just ONE dragon can do, it’s doubtful that the administration at Kings Landing will make it to the end of the seventh season, either the city will be burned to the ground, or the Dragon Queen is going to take it.

Elsewhere, the Stark reunions get me everytime, Arya Stark returning to Winterfell was so freaking cool, and the fact that she is now a dangerous killer made it all the better, her character has come full circle.

There is a magic about watching these siblings, who have been through terrible experiences, making it back home as totally transformed people.

Sansa is becoming a wildcard, she seemingly does not fully trust anybody, and has a lust for power that was most likely created when she was enslaved by the Lannisters.

Sansa Stark is a problem, but the scope of that problem has not been revealed yet.

It’s insane to believe that we already more than halfway through the seventh season, the break neck pace of the storyline indicates that some serious drama is about to go down inside of the next 3 episodes.

The battle between the two queens will be fought, the White Walkers are going to advance past the wall, the battle between the living and the dead will begin.

This is going to be amazing, and I hope I am not the only one that hopes Little Finger gets busted by Arya for clearly conspiring to pit the Lannisters against the Starks, that would be the perfect cherry on top.

I also am willing to put money down on my belief that the White Walkers are going to lose in a landslide when the great war jumps off.



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