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Shepard Smith of Fox News deserves credit for keeping it real on Trump

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Fox News is often panned for the conservative nature of it’s programming.

The programming is augmented by controversial television hosts such as Bill ORielly or Sean Hannity.

Many Americans don’t even watch the news channel because they find it to be slanted, even when it’s credibility is at stake.

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Yesterday, Fox News host Shepard Smith called out President Trump for his treament of the media at his impromptu press conference yesterday in the East Room of the White House.

This was a rare moment of objectivty for Fox News.

Not only did the anchor defend CNN, but he looked beyond party and network politics.

The man stated what everyone was thinking about PresidentTrump’s disaster of a press conference.

This stand took courage, because the many Fox New viewers are rabid Trump supporters, no matter how ridiculous the President looks, or how embarrassing this White House continues to be.

Shepard has been the subject of twitter attacks, and online harrasment, but those activites reflect poorly upon those producing them.

Unbiased truth is exactly what this country needs, if you want to a fairy tale, go rent a Disney movie.




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