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Sean Hannity is in a world of trouble, and he has only himself to blame

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President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen has been the subject of numerous court hearings in wake of his office and home being raided by the FBI.

The Justice department has filed court papers stating that Mr. Cohen has been under investigation for months, and that while federal agents did seize valuable evidence in the sting, they had already obtaind a wealth of information that implied criminal conduct.

In large measure, the anxiety of the President has turned the investigation (which is separate from the Russia probe) into a circus.

President Trump’s legal team has been aggresively attempting to prevent the Justice Department from reviewing evidence that could fall under attorney client privilege.

Team Trump actually wishes to review this material before the government does, which is ludicrous.

In other words, Trump wants any evidence implicating him to fall under attorney client privilege.

Attorney client privilege is iron clad, unless an attorney is acting in the commission of a crime, or is complicit in the execution of that crime.

The government believes Mr. Cohen committed crimes, such as bank and wire fraud, etc, so any claim of privelege is a stall tactic, but that strategy has complicated the situation beyond belief.

The judge has been pressing the lawyers representing Cohen to produce a full list of his clients, Cohen has been reluctant to do so, and today we found out why.

When ordered to list his clients, Cohen named President Trump, GOP fundraiser Elliot Brody, and SEAN HANNITY.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Fox News host Sean Hannity was named as a client of Michael Cohen.

The same Sean Hannity who blasted the FBI after the raid, the same Sean Hannity who interviewed Cohen on his program, the same Sean Hannity who claimed the raid was an attack on the foundation of America.

Hannity went to war on his program, but never felt the need to disclose to the public that he was deeply conflicted, and therefore was incapable of delivering objective sentiments.

From a journalistic point of view, Hannity’s credibility is shot, and Fox News is in an even worse place.

Did they know about this?

Did they knowingly allow a client of Michael Cohen’s to go on national television, lie to the public about his connection to the case, and then attempt to discredit the investigators?

All the while, Hannity was presenting himself as some type of outspoken American hero, yet he didn’t have the integrity to be up front about his clear involvement in this investigation.

Hannity has really stepped in it, he is now a liability to Fox News, they cannot possibly keep him around as the case against Michael Cohen plays out, especially if investigators zero in on Hannity himself.

This is a complete disaster for the Sean Hannity, he has gone from reporting the story to being a part of it, and that it unethical for him to cover the circumstance for Fox News.

At least until this blows over, the man has become radioactive.

Much has been made of the probe into Russian interference, but the criminal investigation into Michael Cohen has serious teeth, and is incredibly dangerous to Trump’s Presidency.

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There is no telling what type of dirt was in Cohen’s possession at the time of the raid, not to mention the phone and email surveillance┬áthat was revealed in the court filings.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation certainly has a doomsday feel to it, but the Cohen raid/investigation is a clear and present danger, and this is just the beginning.



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