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Trailer: American Crime Story “Gianni Versace” gets a full length trailer

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FX has released a full length trailer for the second season of American Crime story.

The OJ Simpson story was a smash hit for the network, and again they plan to tackle a very high profile murder that was steeped in controversy.

“The assassination of Gianni Versace” will profile one of the strangest crimes in American history.

Here is the plot summary from FX

“Versace” will explore the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace, who was killed on the steps of his home in Miami Beach by serial murderer Andrew Cunanan, who killed five other people that year. He committed suicide on a house boat eight days after killing Versace”

We have posted the new trailer here!

Check it out!

American Crime Story “Versace” will debut January 12th on FX




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