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Video: Leaked footage of MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell yelling at staff emerges

From Youtube

Some disturbing footage of MSNBC star Lawrence O’Donnell cursing out his staff was dumped on the internet yesterday.

We wish to advise that some of the following language may not be suitable for children.

Superstar television personalities have a long track record of treating studio stafff like servants.

Steve Harvey, Chris Berman,  Bill O’Reilly, and Mr. O’Donnell.

Often then brilliant performers can be consumed by the quality of the product, and forget that actual human beings are working alongside them.

O’Donnell is a sterling reputation for the most part, his show is highly rated, and he appears to be a pleasant man during the broadcasts.

This profanity laced rant is tied to O’Donnell’s desire to produce good professional television, his behavior is more that of a coach than anything else.


There is a way to treat people, and many will be see his behavior as that of a spoiled  child that dumps on underlings.

This is just one tape, who knows what else has take place off off the air at that studio.



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