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Video: Lets not be hypocrites, Samantha Bee was totally out of line

From Youtube

Samantha Bee is in some hot water after her performance on TBS this morning.

During her introductory monologue for “Full Frontal”, the television personality referred to Ivanka Trump as a freckless cunt, and didn’t even break character after she said it.

The clip was edited out of the national feed, but plenty of viewers online caught it, including this writer.

The remarks took place towards the end of the segment.

The video speaks for itself.

I am unsure what type of conduct policy TBS has in place, but for Samantha Bee to refer to another woman as a cunt is unacceptable, no matter how vile and terrible Ivanka’s father is.

That is non starter type of language, I am uncomfortable even typing it!

Two days ago, we crushed Roseanne Barr on this website, chided her for bigoted behavior.

Samantha Bee’s language was not racist in tone, but it was super ugly, and not the type of television that young people should be exposed too.

That word is the worst, to me, only the N word affects my sensibilities more.

Lets not be hypocrites folks, Samantha Bee deserves to be fired for her behavior, she has already apologized, but there is no reason for her to remain on national television if she is going to submit that type of behavior.

TBS passed the buck, it appears Samantha Bee will not be removed from the network, even after sponsors started dropping like flies.

Bad form all the way around on this one.



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