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Video: Robert De Niro tells the Tony Awards “Fu%k Trump”, gets rousing ovation

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Legendary actor Robert De Niro has made no secret about his absolute disregard for the President of the United States.

Tonight however was the most public example of it.

Is his behavior inappropriate?

Depends on who you ask, the who’s who of Hollywood certainly didn’t have a problem with it, but behaving in this manner on national television muddys the waters.

It’s hypocritical to plead a more reasonable national discourse, demand the President be more dignified in public, but laud Robert De Niro for behaving this way before a national audience.

The networks clearly agreed, which is why they bleeped it out.

Trump has been a cyclone of chaos, his behavior at the G-7, his feud with NFL players, more indictments within the criminal investigation concerning him, it’s relentless bad news.

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De Niro’s remarks seemed more out of frustration than partisanship, but there is clearly more appropriate ways to express it.



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