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Video: The Jake Tapper/Stephen Miller interview got pretty heated!

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Sunday morning is the #1 time slot for top fight political television.

Generally political figures will make apperances on network programs to discuss the state of Washington DC, and the country.

Given the week that President Trump just endured, many were curious who the White House would commission to represent him on talking head Sunday.

Stephen Miller was choosen to go on CNN, and spar with television host Jake Tapper about the myriad of questions facing the Trump administration.

In short, the segment didn’t go to well.


Tapper was furious at Miller because he was using the interview to laud Trump’s accomplishments and not answer academic questioning about the job that he is doing, or the concern about his conduct as President.

Tapper shut the interview down because it was being held hostage, and he wasn’t about to allow a Trump surrogate to use his program to promote useless information about the President.

Miller touted Trump’s meetings with foreign leaders as some type of feather in his cap, as if that’s not a requirement of his job, that is indeed a waste of the viewers time.

A very tough move by Mr. Tapper, but he had no other choice, and his viewers will respect him even more because of it.



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