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Watch: Bill O’Reilly’s throws temper tantrum on CBS

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Former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly has slowly attempted to reemerge in the television industry after he crashed and burned earlier this year.

After a massive scandal that saw him ousted from Fox, O’Reilly has started a popular podcast, and made random appearances on network television while playing the victim and claiming he is the target of a leftist conspiracy.

O’Reilly seems much more concerned with his public reputation than the lives he destroyed.

Some believe O’Reilly is simply bidding his time before making a return to network television, that he believes the stories about him using his influence to damage innocent women’s lives will some how fall by the wayside, that we all will magicially forget that he used his power to terrorize colleagues.

This past weekend, the New York Times rolled up O’Reilly’s exit strategy, and smoked it like west coast joint. 

The newspaper revelead that even after O’Reilly was forced to pay a $32 million dollar settlement to a woman that he allegedly assaulted, Fox News still moved forward with the disgraced anchor to the tune of a lucrative extension.

The story called the moral compass of the network into question yet again, and renewed questions about O’Reilly’s fitness for the professional workplace.

If there was any other doubts about O’Reilly’s behavior at Fox News, Megyn Kelly put every last one of them to bed with a blistering evaluation of O’Reilly, and his staunch denials that nobody ever filed a complaint against him at Fox.

Megyn Kelly destroyed O’Reilly on the Today show, her first hand perspective took the America’s breath away yesterday morning.

To make matters worse, O’Reilly was a guest on CBS in the morning yesterday around the same time Kelly was ripping him a new keaster.

In the video, the panel is busting O’Reilly’s chops about Megyn Kelly, and her destruction of him in her book.

O’Reilly claimed he had not read the book, nor was he concerned with it’s contents.

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When Norah O’Donnell asked him his views on sexual assault, O’Reilly actually responded that he does not care, but corrected himself when he realized he was on national television.

Then he exploded, and his anger seemed directed at the female anchor asking him legitmate questions.

O’Reilly’s organic reaction seems to be consistent with the countless amount of stories concerning his treatment of women.

Look at his eyes, his body language, there is no way in the world this guy isn’t as or more aggressive behind the scenes.

Any television executive in America who would actually hire O’Reilly needs to take a good look at this video, and decide whether or not his presence within the studio would be conducive to  healthy working atmosphere for women.

For my part, I don’t think it would be.




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