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Watch: LaVar Ball should be banned from Fox for threatening Kristen Leahy

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LaVar Ball continues his assault on human decency, and the concept of respecting those around you, and those who have come before you.

Next month, his son Lonzo Ball will almost certainly be the #1 pick in the NBA draft, and that occurrence has turned LaVar Ball into the sports world’s version of Donald Trump.

There is 3 boys in the Ball clan that have a good shot to play in the NBA, the youngest, Limelo Ball, may end up being the greatest of them all.

The kids themselves are a great story, the only thing tripping them up is the behavior of their father, who is making their accomplishments all about him.

It’s been a long time since one person pissed off so many different sports fans at once, LaVar Ball has driven people absolutely crazy as his kids have risen to national prominence.

His idea to tell all the major shoe companies that they had to front him a billion dollars to retain the services of his son.

Or the inception of his company, the Big Baller Brand, that currently sells it’s shoes for $495 a pop.

He makes outlandish statements, ridiculous proclamations, including the claim that he would have beat Michael Jordan 1v1, or that his son is already the best player in a league he has yet to play in.

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But because of his need to self promote, due to his obsession with living vicariously through his kids, Mr. Ball has suffered from overexposure, and his big mouth is getting him into trouble.

Our sports writer Brandon Tubens covered his deplorable statements about Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving’s dead mother last week, but there is something else he did that is calling television standards into play.

As usual, Fox is the network involved.

During an appearance on the Colin Cowherd’s show, Ball was called out by Co-host Kristine Leahy over the actual sales of his insanely priced shoe.

A question that Mr. Ball has not been able to answer since he announced the shoe line roughly 3 weeks ago.

When pressed by Leahy for comment, Ball crossed the line.

“Stay in your lane”?

What does that mean, this is her lane, she is one of the most successful sports personalities on the air, period, end of story.

So what does Mr. Ball mean when she says “stay in your lane”?

Think about the point she was making.

She is telling him that his product is not appealing to women, that “Big Baller” perhaps isn’t the best way to go.

Kristine Leahy: To have a successful company, you need to have women that like your brand

LaVar Ball: Yeah if you own a women’s company

Then the last part

“I don’t disrespect women, but if you act like that, something is coming to you”

He can clarify his statements all he wants, the fact is, he does not speak to any male anchors with that much aggression on any of the multiple networks that promote his madness.

Leahy was asking a legitimate question, if your going to run around the country bragging that your “balling” you need to have the revenue figures to back it up, and appealing to women can help the cause.

This was a direct threat to an employee, she was made to feel uncomfortable, and perhaps a little afraid.

She also put up with sexism to levels television has not seen in awhile.

Than the Mr. Ball does not even have the character to apologize, he instead doubles down on his unbelievable behavior.

This also plays into a racial double standard.

If a high profile white woman spoke to an African American reporter with this much disrespect, and aggression, it would be the headline of the week.

Fox meanwhile has no problem bringing him back on the air, showering him with appearances on their entire family of shows.

Kristen Leahy specifically asked that he be removed from the network, and her request was met with stone silence.

Lets reverse this.

If Kristen Leahy was a man, would this story have been as quiet?

Look at how he respects Colin Cowherd, and mocks Kristen Leahy, won’t even look her in the face.

This plays into the generalization among men that women should just be quiet when it comes to sports, that the leagues, and the industries that surround them are driven and controlled by men, and women are lucky to have a seat at the table.

That’s how Ball’s behavior looked, on top of the fact that he THREATENED HER ON NETWORK CABLE TELEVISION.

This was sexist, dangerous, and totally unacceptable.

For Fox not act, to just stick their head in the sand, and allow one of their own be treated like that by an egomaniacal windbag is a disgrace to the profession.

Kristen Leahy is super gifted, beautiful, funny, she has a marvelous career ahead of her, and nobody would blame her if she jumped ship.

Why should she stay?

She publicly asked for support from a company that fumbles gender equality on a weekly basis, a network that does not appear to be a very progressive entity.

This was an opportunity for them to make a statement, and they failed.

It’s seems that Fox that does not respect women, minorities, or anyone else.




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