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Watch: Melissa McCarthy’s inmpersonation of Sean Spicer is perfect

From Youtube

Saturday Night Live has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance during the rise of President Trump.

The critically acclaimed late night program has produced some of it’s best work in decades over the last four months.

Alec Baldwin projection of Trump has been historically good.

Superstar comedian Melissa McCarthy returned to the show last night to give the world her reimagination of White House Press secretary Sean Spicer.

Saturday Night Live has seen some hysterical skits, from Eddie Murphy to Dana Carvey, the program is a treasure trove of talent.

This could potentially be one of the best skits the show has ever created.

It speaks for itself.

McCarthy is one of the top comedians in the field, and her films while whacky always provide a good laugh.

This is next level however, and somewhere, even Sean Spicer is laughing.

Spicer’s press conference the day after Trump was sworn in will forever live in infamy, he will never be able to escape that performance.

Melissa McCarthy just immortalized Sean Spicer.



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