Watch: Rep Maxine Waters destroys Bill O’Reilly over racist statements

From Twitter

Yesterday during morning programing on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly made some questionable comments about respected Representative Maxine Waters.

The conservative television hosts continually dabbles into racially divisive commentary, it has been an unfortunate hallmark of a highly successful career.

His comments about Maxine Walters were racially charged, the remarks were a direct attack on African American culture,

He would later apologize, and classify his statements as “dumb, but the damage had already been done, and Maxine Walters herself took the Fox New Host to task.

Her statements ring loud, and true.

Bill O’Reilly was out of line, and he was emphatically reminded why you have to watch what you say in this intense political climate.

As one would expect, O’Reilly continued his attacks on Waters after his so called apology, which makes his retraction less credible.




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