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Watch: Shepard Smith of Fox News continues to confront the Trump White House

From Twitter

Shepard Smith  of Fox News drew attention a few weeks ago when he looked beyond network politics, and confronted President Donald Trump for his deranged behavior at news conferences, and towards the national media.

Despite his position as a host at the #1 conservative television network in America, Shepard had the gumption to cast aside viewers expectations, and tell the truth.

For his honesty, he was attacked on twitter, viewers even called for his job.

All Shepard did was tell the truth, and he had the integrity stand behind his commentary in the face of unintelligent backlash.

After President Trumps merciless attacks on the free press this week, including blocking numerous respected publications from a White House press briefing, Shepard took a second bite of the apple yesterday, and his words could not been more accurate.

He is taking a stand for the 4th estate, and it’s meaningful because it’s in contravention with what his consumers want to hear.

Fake news is nationalistic dog whistle that will never pass the smell test with informed Americans.

Here is some real news.

  1. The White House stepped out of their executive jurisdiction when they asked the FBI to shoot down news reports that indicated the Trump campaign was in “constant contact” with high level Russian officials.  
  2. The FBI has expanded it’s investigation as time has gone on, not a good sign for the individuals being investigated 
  3. Congress is investigating the Trump administration to the tune of multiple committees
  4. Trump has looked rattled for weeks. 
  5. As the reports have gotten closer the Oval office, the Trump administration has attempted to place limitations on the media, when involving the FBI did not work, they are banned journalists from a subsequent press briefing.  

All of us must remember that when Trump speaks, he is addressing his supporters, and they believe most of the nonsense that comes out his mouth.

All of them will eventually have to witness their beloved leader face questions he cannot run from, he won’t be able to ban anyone from congressional hearings.

Let that be their problem, not ours.

Well done Shepard Smith .



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