Why is President Trump obsessed with Arnold Schwarenegger?

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If a magazine is not careful, President Trump can dominate any editorial agenda.

There is never a dull moment, never room for pause.

Between his unprofessional treatment of trusted allies, or his baseless vendetta against Muslim majority countries, Trump never fails to cause friction no matter what he is doing.

This morning at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump actually called for a prayer in the name of Arnold Schwarenegger and the television program “Celebrity Apprentice”.

Trump is the former host, and still retains a producer credit, but Arnold is currently the headliner, and doing a fine job.

Even though Trump is President of the United States, the leader of the free world, he still seems unsettled by Arnold having the spotlight, and this is with a national immigration crisis tearing the country apart.

If Trump has proven anything over his first 2 weeks in office, he has established that this President will be a thin skinned snowflake twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Who cares about the ratings of Celebrity Apprentice??

We have Iran firing missiles, China warning of a trade war, Russia once again attacking Ukraine, the possible repeal of Obama Care, there are issues abound.

But Trump found the time to take a petty useless dig at a man who was minding his own business?

Trump’s lack of tact as President is starting to become worrisome, because he has yet to give the appearence that he is taking his job seriously, and the international community is becoming frustrated.

The National Prayer Breakfast is a beautiful event in theory, and should be used to spread warmth, and good cheer.

Not childish juvenile jabs that do nothing to further the national agenda, or endear the American public to an elected leader that people already want out of office.



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