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GOT Episode 1: Poop, Poison, and a chilling proclamation

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Game of Thrones Season 7 has officially arrived and it did so in style.

A sensational start to some awesome television.

“Dragonstone” finds Westeros on the brink of a war that will feature multiple fronts, it will touch every house in the realm, the scope of the battle becomes clear as the episode unfolds.

“Dragonstone” was a perfect sequel to the events of season 6, every single major storyline was addressed, the episode set the table for a blockbuster season that promises to deliver action fans have been waiting 6 years to see on screen.

The Lannisters, and the House Targaryen are on a collision course for the fate of Westeros, and everyone else is caught in between, Cersei Lannister has plenty of enemies(Dornes and Tyrells) but Daenerys Targeyen is the most clear and present.

Daenerys has a navy, dragons, and high class counsel, the mother of dragons appears to be the odds on favorite to assume control of known world when all is said and done.

Tonight’ episode saw the dragon queen arrive at her family’s castle dragon stone, and take up residence at the base from which she will rule the seven kingdoms.

Until she is ready to take King’s Landing.

Daenery’s represents an awesome problem for Cersei, she is a direct challenge to her rule, and could strike at anytime.

Daenery’s coming home was a massive moment in the series, to see the mother of dragons start the process of seizing her birthright was a watershed moment in the series, the filmmakers perfectly conveyed the enormity of the moment.

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Her stunning proclamation to close the episode “shall we begin” sets the tone for the type of war that fans of the show will remember forever.

This is it, this is the main event, and  it’s exactly half of the problem facing Westeros.

The episode opened with an army of white walkers(with giant zombies)walking in a procession south towards the great wall with the clear intention of wiping out everyone that stands in the way.

Winter has arrived, and Night King is coming for everybody.

The war between the dead and the living hangs over the show like a storm cloud, and the only person who does not seem the understand the danger at hand is Queen Cersei, who is much more preoccupied with maintaining her position of power then actually protecting the realm.

Thoughtout the episode, the coming doom of the dead army is addressed.

The newly minted King of the North Jon Snow, commands his legions to prepare for the impending clamity, including ordering children to train as warriors.

In a surprise move, Snow sends the free folk(formerly known as the wildlings) to man the understaffed great wall, which has become the new home of Bran Stark, a fact unknown to Jon.

How the free folk are welcomed by the knights of the watch will be interesting, considering the two parties are ancient enemies, and Jon Snow is no longer around to broker the peace.

During the same meeting, an interesting dynamic emerged between Sansa Stark, and Jon Snow that went beyond a sibling rivalry.

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Sansa’s journey has been filled with pain, and her experiences have made her a powerful and angry presence in winterfell, a point driven home when she openly questioned the King’s commands in front of his subjects.

How Sansa tolerates Snow’s leadership could be an important plot point of the seventh season, especially with that weasel little fingers walking the grounds.

Despite Sansa’s criticism, Jon Snow is focused on the dead army, he is much less concerned with Cersei pointless demand of fealty, the biggest item on his agenda is preparing to fight the white walkers, but realizes he needs dragon glass to defeat them.

Samwell Tarley, who journeyed to the Citadel at the conclusion of season six, discovers that the majority of the dragon glass in Westeros is located at Dragonstone, and quickly gets word to Jon Snow who we imagine will reach out to the Queen of Dragons.

The Stark/Targaryen alliance seems inevitable, Jon Snow has no desire to take the Iron Throne, he is just fine being the King of the North, which will suit the Dragon Queen perfectly.

What Tarley had to endure to obtain the priceless information is among the most disgusting set of scenes every depicted on television.

The appalling daily grind of Tarley’s internship is showcased by the filmmakers with little restraint.

The constant appearance of liquid poop is an image that will live with me forever, but it gave the viewer a sense of what it takes to became a meister.

Gross brilliance.

Arya Stark’s turn in this episode was the most impactful, her ability to shape shift afforded viewers some real electricity prior to the introduction, and made it clear that Arya is loyal to nobody at this point.

She is all about revenge, she is immersed in this dazzling vendetta.

Arya Stark has a single mission, and that is to kill everyone who is responsible for most of her family dying, including Walter Frey, who she wasted at the end of season six.

Arya opens the seventh season by whacking the entire house of Frey, murdering the people that killed her family with poison, and mocking them while she did it.

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After taking her mask off, she tells her trembling companion to spread the word.

“The North Remembers”.

The growth of the character is unbelievable, she is no longer the little girl that wanted to learn how to fight.

Arya than sets off for Kings Landing, not Winterfell, and declares that she is going after the Queen.

This will be her mission for the entire season, all the pain she endured in season Six has prepared her for this quest.

Cersei has problems all over the map.


But she is not paying attention to the dead army, and she has no idea that a very motivated Stark is riding for kings landing.

Arya is dangerous because Cersei has no idea she is coming, or that she has evolved into a cunning ninja assassin that can assume different shapes and sizes.

Game of Thrones Season 7 only has 6 episodes left, which guarantees the filmmakers are going to waste little time pushing the narrative, there is two major wars on the brink of breaking out, and the first episode of the seventh season put all the chips in place.

It’s all about finalizing factions at this point, Game of Thrones is going to become a wartime epic within a few weeks, and will remain that way for the duration of the series.

“Dragonstone” redefined the series, setting off a chain of events that might end up making this the greatest story ever told on television.



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