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Review: Netflix hits a home run with the brilliant “Little Evil”

From Netflix

The Netflix original movie Little Evil is a masterful horror/comedy that pokes fun at the genre, while captivating the viewer.

Netflix has created a cult classic that could spawn other movies.

A fantastic film that is a soft spoof of the classsic narrative “The Omen”.

Little Evil centers around a newly married couple and a brooding young boy named Lucas.

Lucas is presumably the son of Lucifer, and the power within him produces very uncomfortable moments for the viewer throughout the 95 minutes of running time.

The horror is totally original, spliced with comedy, the film presents a hybrid genre we have never seen before.

The comedy is “Silicon Valley”intelligent, and the terror is “Conjuring” genuine.

Lucas is an emotionless black hole of evil, forcing the protagonist of the film to grapple with forces he does not totally understand, the struggle between the two is both unsettling, and hysterical.

Scary and odd events surround Lucas, motivating Gary to confront the possibility that his new stepson is in possession of God like powers, but the film does not stray too far away from light hearted material, even as Lucas murders school teachers.

Gary’s investigation into Lucas is truly terrifying, including a unnerving scene with the camera man from the wedding.

The film is not totally academic, but goes to some lengths to stay true to the book of revelations, and narrate Lucas’s ambitions.

The religious overtones are present throughout the production, but not forced down the viewer’s throats, the show runners do an excellent job striking the balance between the two.

The film is serious, but it’s not, which is very difficult to accomplish.

The cast is top shelf, the supporting characters are phenomenal, all strange and quirky in their own way, “Little Evil” is an absolute riot at certain points.

“Little Evil” has heart warming moments as Gary and Lucas start to connect, this is truly a well rounded project.

We will not spoil the film, but we would highly recommend it to anyone that has access to Netflix

Tastie Fish Rating: 5 Fish out of Five



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