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TV Review: Anyone need a new show to watch? Give “Lucifer” a binge

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I was scheduled to publish an extended review of a television series several weeks ago, and I agonized over the decision because my choice would require serious commitment.

So I was careful about this particular decision because I didn’t want to invest in a shitty show, or end up writing a scathing review.

I settled upon Lucifer at the suggestion of a muse, and it was one of the best decisions I have made in months.

I will do my best to keep this short, and not spoil specific plot points.

Lucifer has flown under the radar since 2015, I realized via a straw poll that there is a good amount of people that have not seen it.

Lucifer is fast paced, the diagloue is super entertaining, and the source material is endless because it’s…..based on the Bible.

This show could run for 50 years, and still have decades left in the tank, “Lucifer” does not struggle to produce organic story telling, nor does it poach examples of murder from crime drama’s of years past.

Like the “Sopranos”, “Lucifer” also uses a therapist as an exposition tool, which keeps viewers in tune with what’s actually going on in case they missed anything.

The premise of Lucifer is an uncommmon perspective on the Devil, and what he could become if given the chance to redeem himself.

From Fox

The show’s most enjoyable moments can be found in Lucifer’s fundemental disposition to evil, depsite his anti hero status, he constantly is being tempted by his inner demons in the face of overwhelming goodness.


After centuries of ruling hell, the Devil decides to take a “vacation”, and ball out in Los Angeles.

Lucifer owns the hottest night club in town, womanizes like a complete scoundrel, drives fancy automobiles, and has a his hands on a boat load of cash.

The protagonist also happens to be in posession of unlimited power but uses it to help humanity.

The show centers around Lucifer’s abilities of persuasion, but showcases his madness(super strength, speed, shock proof) when someone is stupid enough to piss him off.

Lucifer becomes persoally motivated to punish the wicked, and strikes up a professional (and personal) relationship with Detective Chloe Decker, who cultivates his abilities to solve homicides.

The show is governed by true crime, but examines the struggle between good and evil on earth, and in heaven.

Lucifer is layered to the max, there is constant spurts of hysterical comedy, absolute terror, family friendly emotional bonding, and high megaton action.

The concept of Lucifer is impressive, the scope of the show knows no bounds but the cast is what makes the engine go, aside from Game of Thrones, Lucifer might contain the best acting on television right now.

The show runners clearly have an eye for young talent, but still manage to lure big names like Michael Imperoli, or Tom Welling.

The writing is unbelievable, a highly complicated plot that disguises itself in simplicity, the epic examines the different character’s narratives flawlessy.

An unexpected pleasure within Lucifer is the score, it’s so well done, and attaches itself to the story in the same manner Smallville’s score.

Lucifer is original, addicting, and full of beautiful people, heart warming souls, if any of you are looking for an exciting TV binge, allow me to recommend “Lucifer”.

Tastie Fish Rating: Four Fish out of Five




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