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Kylie Jenner’s tweet results in a $1 billion loss for Snap Chat on the stock market

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Fashion mogul Kylie Jenner did some damage to the stock market Thursday afternoon.

To be exact, her actions directly resulted in $850 million dollar loss on wall street at the expense of Snap Chat.

Aftet tweeting her annoyance with the wildly popular Snap Chat application, the company actually experienced an estimated $1 billion dollar loss in market value.

From USA Today

“The company’s stock dropped 8%, at one point wiping nearly $1.5 billion from the company’s market value. 

A late rally has since helped lessen the blow with the company closing Thursday down just over 6%, a drop of over $850 million in value”.  


Kylie Jenner‘s brand skyrocketed thursday afternoon.
After inflicting a devastating loss in market value on Snap Chat just by tweeting, the brand new mother proved she is one of the most powerful media personalities in America



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